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About The Author


- Maggie May, Author -

The creator of The Tooth Fairy Monster. A stay at home mama, which is what brought this whole thing to life. I was a newly stay at home mom dealing with teething at the time, dreaming of the day of when it would stop! While thinking of the day teething would be behind me, my mind drifted off to the Tooth Fairy tradition and how fun it will be when that day comes. But, I wanted the tradition to be a fun new twist for our son, so I wrote out a story for him. After many people reading my story saying, "You, have something here", I thought well lets just see! So here we are, seeing how far this will really go! 

Before I became a stay at home mama, I had worked in the printing industry for 10 years. I've been with my husband for almost 16 years. And I am a breast cancer survivor of 8 years.

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