Frequently asked questions

What is The Tooth Fairy Monster?

The Tooth Fairy Monster is about the Tooth Fairy becoming so overwhelmed with the growing population that she finds it hard to keep up the ins and outs of her job. Which is collecting teeth, examining them, and giving an appropriate gift for each and every tooth. So she asks an unlikely source for help. THE MONSTERS! Since they are no longer in the scaring business they where more then happy to step up to the challenge for this new career. The monster stays in your home and when your child looses a tooth you place it in the satchel. When your child wakes up the next morining a gift will be in the satchel, given to them by the Tooth Fairy herself. (parents, this is where you come in)

Why don't you have packaging?

When you recieve a package your not only throwing away the box that it came from (UPS, Fedex, or whatever mail carrier) but then your throwing away the box the product comes in! So, we eliminate that step for you. We try to be eco consisous where we can be!

Why are all your events ONLY in North Carolina?

We are located in Central North Carolina. But, we hope to travel to other states in the future to meet y'all!