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PREORDER for your plush Tooth Fairy Monster- Arrival time frame SPRING 2022!!!


Looking for a NEW Tooth Fairy Tradition?

                        Check out The Tooth Fairy Monster!  


Recruited by the Tooth Fairy herself! While your child is losing there teeth the monster will stay with them collecting each and every tooth, making sure it gets to Tooth Fairy Station where the Tooth Fairy will exam each tooth for a proper gift/money in return! 


Be sure to name your Tooth Fairy Monster to make them feel more like family since they will be living with you for awhile! 

Plush Monster

SKU: 0002
    • Plush Tooth Fairy Monster - Stands around 10" Tall - ( DOES NOT Stand on its own) 
    • Plush sits on its own with a bit of balancing.
    • Satchel opens for tooth to be placed inside and a gift/money can be placed in the satchel in exchange for the tooth! 
    • Plush is soft and cuddly!
    • Plush is manufactured overseas - tested for safety